Want to Create a Happier Life Starting Now? These 5 Tips Show You How to Create a Happier Life Now

Posted: November 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

So you want to create a happier life starting now?

I spent years being so unhappy I cried myself to sleep most nights. I know how it feels to want to be happy and have no clue how to do it? These 5 tips show you how to be happier.

1. Take full responsibility for how your life looks. No one else makes you sad or happy. Your job is taking care of you. You and only you make you happy.

2. Make a list or detailed description of how you feel when you know you are happy. Seems like an odd request, I know. I bet you never took time to think about what happiness is for you. Do you feel at peace? Relaxed? Excited? Joyous! Blissful? Where do you feel those sensations in your body?

Take your time and really notice how you feel and where you feel it.

3. What do you find yourself doing when you realize you feel happy?

Are you in a special environment? Participating in a particular type of activity?

Maybe for you being happier means having one close friend or maybe it means having many close friends. Maybe it means spending lots of time alone. I do not know what makes you feel happy. Maybe you don’t either. So make time to figure it out. Then you know where to go or what to do when you want to feel happier, right?

4. Learn how to pull out happy memories from your past and re-live them in your heart and mind. Most people automatically default to a negative way of thinking.

Consequently most people remember more painful memories than happy ones. And they also access the pain faster than the pleasure. Set your intention of creating a memory bank of feel good memories to draw upon when you need to make a an instant switch to make a less than pleasant day become okay – or even better.

5. Avoid news media. What sells? Bad news. Have you ever seen a newscast of happy news? Stop allowing that negative energy into your world. I guarantee you will always know

what is important for you to know about world events.

On that note, eliminate all negative people from you life-as much as possible. Minimize contact with those you cannot avoid. Make new friends who smile and think accurately. Move into new circles of friends – people who enjoy life rather than complain about circumstances.




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