4 Secrets Of Success

Posted: December 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

Being successful is something that is not taught in school and rarely by our parents or peers.

Usually we are told to follow what other people do and a lot of the time we are compared to other people and made to feel less than adequate for not measuring up.

Many people’s idea of success then becomes obscured and buried within them.

It becomes something we feel other people expect us to do and we rarely take the time to look inwards and discover what it truly is that makes our heart sing.

What you truly enjoy spending your time doing is without doubt the only true measure of success in my opinion.

Here are some tips that will help you go about finding it.

Follow the energy

Success is a form of energy and in order to find it you will need to follow the energy in your own body and mind.
This energy comes in the form of excitement.

So notice throughout your day or week what you are excited about?

What do you have energy for?

When you find that which you have excitement and energy for you will find yourself becoming successful automatically.

The more time you spend at whatever activity you are excited about, the more successful you will become.

Separate the “shoulds” from the “wants” in life.

If you listen to the dialogue going on inside your mind you will notice that some of talk is all about things you should do. Whenever you hear “should” in your internal dialogue you can be sure that this is the language coming from the outside. It is not coming from your soul and what truly makes you happy.

Write down what you value.

All of us have a different set of values in life. When we live according to these values we feel a lot better and more success seems to flow towards us.

The trouble is that most people do not know what they value in life.

Many of them simply cruise along with no real notion of what is important to them.

When you set down the values of what is important to you in life, you will automatically pave the way to success.

Forget the outcome.

When you make your success in life dependent on whether or not you achieve some goal or not, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Remember that success is in the moment. It does to depend on some outside achievement.

The funny thing about this is that you automatically achieve more when you are less attached to the outcome of what you are doing.

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